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IJITE - Issue 45, Volume 28, Number 01

Published On : April 2017
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Integration of Amniotic Membrane - Clinical Case
Manolova Y., Stoycheva Z.
Abstract: In recent years amniotic membrane (AM) established itself in reconstructive surgery of the anterior ocular segment as a tool of choice with pathologies that are difficult to treat. With extensive corneal ulcers that yield to conventional medical treatment, the transplantation of AM is a necessity and currently the only solution. In order to obtain optimal best result it is important to be familiar in details with the properties of AM and the types of surgical techniques for its transplantation on the anterior ocular surface. Our aim is to present a patient with an extensive and deep corneal ulcer treated with amniotic membrane transplantation (AMT). After AMT a stabilization of the corneal thickness was achieved by integration of amniotic tissue into the host tissue.
Keywords: Amniotic membrane, integration, toxic keratitis.
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Impact of Solar Heat Load and Sex On Water Intake And Body Weights of Lambs
Hind Abdelrahman Salih
Abstract: Forty newly weaned desert lambs; twenty were males and twenty were females was conducted during three months at Elobeid Research Station farm, North Kordofan State. The lambs were divided into two housing conditions; either kept in shade or under direct sunlight to investigate the effect of housing condition and sex on water intake and body weights. Data were analyzed as randomized complete block design in a 2x2 factorial arrangement of treatments, with five replications. The mean of weekly water intake increased significantly (P<0.05) with exposure to direct sunlight and insignificantly increased in male lambs. The results indicated that housing conditions insignificantly affected Lambs’ body weights moreover, the lambs, body weights insignificantly increased in male lambs.
Keywords: lambs, direct sunlight, shade, water intake, body weight.
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A Typical Clinical Case of Uveitis Combined With Central Serous Chorioretinopathy and Optic Disc Edema
Kristiyan D Vasilev, Yana M Manolova, Mariya Boyadzieva
Abstract: Uveitis, as a pathological unit is a diagnostic challenge to us clinicians. It can be misdiagnosed very often since the initial event could hardly be recognized. In some patients the uveitis can present itself with decreased visual acuity due to macular changes including central serous retinopathy, macular edema and neovascular choroidal membranes. CSCR is chorioretinal disease with systemic associations, multifactorial etiology and complex pathogenesy. It is characterized by serous detachment of the neurosensory retina as a result of local or diffuse dysfunction of the retinal pigment epithelium (PRE). The main reason for this is still not complete known disturbance of the outer blood-retinal barrier. On the other hand CSCR may be the result of choroidal neovascularization, inflammation or tumors. CSCR may occur in combination or as an initial manifestation of uveitis and therefore often cannot be detected. In this paper, we present a case of atypical form of uveitis which in the initial checkup was manifested with headache, periocular pain, eyepain and extremely low visual acuity following extensive CSCR in the left eye and mild swelling of the optic disk in the right eye while maintaining good visual acuity. During the follow-up period and the absorption of serous retinal edema the patient developed mild iridocyclitis and gradually increasing swelling of the optic disk in both eyes. The therapeutic treatment was periocular and topical corticosteroids. The aim of our study is to present a case of atypical posterior uveitis with transient symptoms and how such an unusual manifested uveitis can complicate diagnosis because of the wide differential diagnostic plan.
Keywords: Posterior uveitis, central serous chorioretinoipathy, papilledema .
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Survey Paper: on Peak-to-Average Power Ratio Reduction Techniques for MIMO-OFDM Signal
Sony Kumari, Prof. Ankit Tripathi, Prof. Bharti Chourasia
Abstract: In Digital communication systems, High Peak to average power ratio (PAPR) reduction techniques are the challenging problem for multiple input multiple output orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (MIMO-OFDM). In this paper, we review and analysis different reduction technique for MIMO OFDM PAPR, based on the criteria of bandwidth expansion, computational complexity, spectral spillage and performance.
Keywords: Peak to average power ratio (PAPR), partial transmit sequence (PTS), Selective mapping (SLM), Residue number system (RNS), Complementary Cumulative Distribution Function (CCDF).
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Water Generation From Environmental Air With The Help of Vapour Compression Refrigeration System
Giriraj Kishore Singh, Gulshan Singh, Gautam Ranjan, A.H. Khan, Ashish Chaturvedi, Saumitra Sharma
Abstract: The lack of clеan drinking watеr is one of the key issuеs facing the world today. The watеr in many countriеs is of poor quality crеating a big dеmand for bottlеd watеr wherе the еconomic mеans are availablе. For underdevelopеd countriеs this has led to the dеath of millions whilе it in the industrializеd world has mеant a big increasе in consumption of bottlеd watеr which has had a big negativе effеct on the environmеnt. Therе havе beеn somе еfforts in trying to devеlop an applicablе tеchnology as a solution to the watеr problеm. One linе of products in particular has beеn influеntial for this projеct. Thesе products are known as atmosphеric watеr genеrators and are trying to utilizе the natural occurrencе of watеr vapor in air in ordеr to producе clеan drinking watеr.
Keywords: Relativе Humidity, Spеcific Humidity, Dry Bulb Temperaturе, Dew Point Temperaturе.
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Continuous Air Supply From A Reciprocating Compressor by Using PCS (Piston, Cylinder, Spring) System
Amit Kumar, Aditya Rawat, Aniruddh Singh Rathod, Dewendra Kumar, Aman Jain, A.H. Khan, Ashish Chaturvedi
Abstract: PCS (piston, cylindеr, spring) arrangemеnt is a small devicе which will makе a continuous air supply from a rеciprocating comprеssor which suppliеs discontinuous air. Whеn the compressеd air from the comprеssor entеrs the PCS systеm, it pushеs the piston, which in turn rotatеs the spring and the spring storеs enеrgy. At the samе timе the еxhaust valvе is partially openеd, so whеn the piston movеs away from the head, partial compressеd air еxits from еxhaust valvе. In the sеcond strokе, the spring releasеs its enеrgy and rotatеs in oppositе dirеction pushing the piston towards head. Whеn the piston rеturns towards the head, it removеs the rеmaining compressеd air from the еxhaust valvе. Hencе, we can obtain the compressеd air in both the strokеs.
Keywords: PCS systеm – It is a systеm which consists of a piston, a cylindеr and two torsional springs couplеd in parallеl.
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Foundation and Footing Analysis for Educational Building
Prakash Kumar Mishra, Mohd Mahmood Alam, Neetish Kumar chauhan, Sudhanshu, Ankit Srivastav
Abstract: It is common for tall buildings in Gorakhpur to have a ground response that is highly sensitive to the behavior of the structure. Therefore, the geology of the ground needs to be carefully assessed and considered in the design process to accurately predict the performance of the foundation system. This paper sets out a systematic design approach and ground investigation methodology for the soil conditions frequently encountered in Gorakhpur. Various foundation design methods are introduced along with several case studies conducted in Gorakhpur.
Keywords: (G+3) Building , Design procedure , Method of Foundation and Footing.
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Extensive Review on Five-level Inverter based DSTATCOM Using Fuzzy Logic
Priya Raj, Prof. Anurag Soni
Abstract: The Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS) technology is a new research area in power engineering. It introduces the modern power electronic technology into traditional AC power systems and significantly enhances power system controllability and transfer limit. FACTS devices provide a better adaptation to varying operational conditions and improve the usage of existing installations. They have basic applications such as power flow control, increasing of transmission capability, voltage control, reactive power compensation, stability improvement and power quality improvement. The DSTATCOM is technology of the FACTS and it is based on a voltage-source inverter. Fuzzy logic is used to represent qualitative knowledge, and provides interpretability to system models. N. Henini [1] has summarized fuzzy logic as a body of concepts and techniques for dealing with imprecision, information granulation, approximate reasoning and computing with words rather than numbers. The research represents extract of the deep study of the DSTATCOM and survey of the literature.
Keywords: DSTATCOMP, AC power, FACTS, Fuzzy logic, Fuzzy controller, Inverter.
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Productivity Improvement In Garment Manufacturing Process Through Implementation of Lean Manufacturing Practices
Atul Shukla, Dharmendra Tyagi
Abstract: The purpose of this review paper is to discuss the lean implementation and its quantified benefits for the textile industry. Both current and future state maps of the organization’s shop floor scenarios are discussed using lean techniques in order to highlight improvement areas and to bridge the gap between the existing state and the future state of shop floor of the textile industry. After an exhaustive review it is being found that lean implementation has many benefits at organizational and operational level. It has been concluded that, still many of the Indian textile industry have not adopted lean and it may be beneficial for them.
Keywords: Garment Manufactureing, Lean Practice, Textile.
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